bonefone The First Bone Conducting Headphone

bonefone Bonefone

Bonefone ergonomic headphones can be used by individuals with normal or impaired hearing. They are ideal for both sport and daily routines, enjoying hands-free without being isolated as with standard headphones. They also help to protect your hearing during long hours of gaming or during phone conversations.
Situational Awareness

Bonefone audio means a new layer of acoustic information, we call it augmented reality acoustics.

Custom Equalization

Select different EQ presets for different situations. Use our exclusive app for Android and iPhone (coming soon this autumn).

Up to 6 hours of listening

Fast charge, long lasting . Up to 6 hours li-ion battery.

Bluetooth compatible

Bluetooth® connectivity. Leave your phone at your desk, walk freely.

Our technology

Adding another information layer to the environmental sound.bonefone
Durable, comfortable and excellent sound quality

New bone conducting technology transducers transmit sound directly to the cheekbones. Our revolutionary transducers will guide sound waves through the bones of the skull to the inner ears. Any environmental sound will still be heard.

Hear environment sounds and your Bonefone signals equally. Let yourself listen to your music at the office without disturbing others but without getting cut off from them. Practice safer sports, enjoy your music at the office, stop risking your mobile from being dropped from your shoulder!

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    Control your music volume. • Select previous or next song. • Connect easily to any bluetooth compatible smartphone as an audio accessory. • Hang up or down your paired device. • Practice sports safely. • Add any audio source to your daily life. • Adaptable to any user. • No need to place anything inside your ear, gain in comfort and hygiene. • Splash proof of sweat, rain ... • Ideal for running, cycling, etc ...

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Used in accessibility projects, daily life, at work, sports...
Running, cycling, climbing, skating, if you like to put music to your sports, do it safely!.
Daily Life
Have you ever tried to wash your hands, type in your keyboard, or in effect, do anything with your hands while you hold your phone in your shoulder? Stop risking your phone and yourself with such an unhealthy practice.
Binaural calls
It has been proved that intelligibility of  spoken word is much improved when using both ears thanks to the cocktail party effect’‘. Our capacity to understand is doubled when using binaural headphones.
This technology has been used by accessibility European projects like ARGUS or ATAD to aid visually impaired people, as well as people working in low-visibility and hazardous conditions to move about autonomously. Also, thanks to its non invasive nature, Bonefone® headphones are ideal to amplify sounds in any condition.

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